Coronavirus Update

Our COVID 19 guarantee updated.
If the park has to close due to covid 19 you will get a full refund of any money paid or you can move dates subject to availability.

However, if your area goes into lockdown so you are unable to travel or you have to self isolate then you can move to an alternative date subject to availability. You may cancel but you will lose your deposit.

I realise this is a change to our previous guarantee but I have been advised there are now policies out there that cover you for these situations and that the majority of agents and holiday companies now put this into practice.

Currently, all of our guests have done exactly this and moved to an alternative date for which we are extremely grateful.

If you book a break at Butlins as from today February 20th and you are not happy that the advised venues are still not open to you your deposit is non refundable so if you cancel you will not receive your deposit back back, you can in these instances move  to and alternative date subject to availability. If the price is higher you will be liable for the additional charges similarly if the price is lower you will get a refund. 


Currently ( February 2021) both Butlins and Tattershall Lakes are closed. We are like everyone else awaiting and update from the government as to what will be open and when. Currently Butlins have advised that when they do open there will be some restrictions for caravan guests in place. Last season 2020 neither owners or guests could go over to the main resort so we could only offer accomodation. This season 2021 Butlins are opening up the “other” side so our guests will have access to the bars and restaurants, the funfair , green baize etc. Guests WILL NOT  have access to Centre Stage, Reds and the Splashpool. This will be reviewed by Butlins every 2 weeks and if anything changes we will update and guests who are booked with us. Our current prices reflect that there is no access to the entertainment venues/shows and should access be given we understand that Butlins will then give a price for additional wristbands to enable access. We understand that this is not the full Butlins experience but its a lot more than many of the caravan parks around Skegness offer. The Crazy Horse on the caravan side has been fully refurbished and will be open daily with some form of entertainment in the evening but number restrictions will apply. Please see above re refunds etc.

Once we get further updates from the government and the parks we will update the information given.